I’ve always been an artist.

Motivation came anytime I had a pen in hand. Pictures and ideas would pop in my head at any given moment and I was compelled to create them: sketches, flyers, business cards, and eventually, a comic book.

Graphic design became my go-to, which led to me creating and designing my own comic books, using experiences from my personal life. Tales of childhood memories, mistakes I’ve made, daily struggles, lessons learned, advice and wisdom I gained along the way. Stories from boyhood to manhood.

From a man, to a king.

Being a king, to me, is the mindset of a man who overcame, or continues to overcome, obstacles in his life. Kings don’t tolerate nonsense or allow anything to pull them down from their hierarchy.

Over the years, my creativity shifted from creating comics to graphic designing, but the message stayed the same: motivation.

My art tell a story; my story, your story, anyone who can relate. Whether they’re graphic designs, apparel, or photography, their sole purpose is to motivate the king (or queen) in you.

Tales of a King™

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