The Story Behind My Amazing MT. Mitchell Photoshoot

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

I had just purchased my very first DSLR camera a Nikon D5100 with a kit lens. I got it for $200 on the OfferUp app. And I was soooo excited and soooo pumped to take pics with it. It was a real turning point in my life at the time. I really needed an outlet to take my mind off of real life issues I was dealing with at the time. So I took the chance and got a camera. And I remember driving home after buying it thinking…… Hmmmm I have to go to the mountains.

So I got home and for days I YouTubed hours and hours of videos from how to work my camera to how to not get eaten by a bear. LoL But seriously I was determined to learn and elevate my portfolio to not just graphic design. But…. professional quality PHOTOGRAPHY! Yeah I shot photos before at car shows and etc. But I want the T.O.A.K brand to represent something unique and trendsetting. So I practiced and practiced and then that day came. It was time to search the nearest mountain and ride out and put all this time and effort to good use. Im super ready. Well at least I thought I was “ready”…..

It had been a while since I visited the mountains of NC. And I was just at a lost of words. The views as I traveled the narrow windy roads going up the mountain on a beautiful morning. It took me to a place of peace, joy and happiness. Something that I had lacked for some time. I felt I was shaking off the funk. I was really enjoying life in a different but unique way. It’s easy sometimes to get so caught up in wanting to continually progress in life. That you forget to live now and enjoy the blessings you currently have in life.

It’s easy sometimes to get so caught up in wanting to continually progress in life. That you forget to live now and enjoy the blessings you currently have in life.

– T.O.A.K

So I made it to the top after a good 1 hr 35 to 45 min ride. And I stopped at the cafè/visitor center for food and hopefully soak in more views. I MADE IT! I’M ON TOP OF A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN! I’M LIVIN MY BEST LIFE type vibe you know. I remember parking the whip. Jumping out and thinking lets get to work getting these amazing shots. Confidence was at an all time high despite all that was going on in life. I grabbed my camera bag and then……..

I got to thinking YO DID I GET MY SD CARD FROM MY MAC? ……. *looks in SD slot on camera*……… BRUUUUUUUH NOOOOO

At that moment…. I knew….. I had goofed! How can this happen? How can make a mistake like this? Standing there outside the car in disbelief. *feels cool breeze* I just laughed and held back tears of frustration and anger. I got back in the car and just thought to myself. I can still do this. I can still make something super dope and super creative. I’m not going to give up. I’m here. I’ve started this and I will finish it. Smiled said a prayer of thanks and continued to have one of the most amazing time shooting photos from my iPhone. Hahaha they will never know.

Oh yeah I bought 3 SD cards on the way back home….. SO THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! LoL

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